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Outstanding client service, experienced business practices, and ingenious marketing strategies is what makes our team the most trusted team in the area.


Meet Michael

After 5 years as a Real Estate Investor, Michael was frustrated with the lack of investor-focused agents in the Seattle Market. Michael built HouseHack Seattle to provide a trusted, analytically driven team to help new and seasoned investors alike reach their real estate goals. Michael specializes in finding homes and investment properties with huge rental income potential through rehabs and renovations, ADUs, mother-in-law units, duplexes and triplexes, garage conversions, and tiny houses on wheels. He owns ten cash flow rental properties, a Yurt and a Tiny House, and helps his clients win similar "unicorn" houses that are the stepping stones to financial freedom.


Other Agents HouseHack Seattle
1 Licensed Realtors®. Image
2 Successful Real Estate Investors with over 30 rental properties. - Image
3 Proprietary calculators, reports, and analysis for investment real estate. - Image
4 First-hand remodeling, renovation and construction experience as a Real Estate Investors. - Image
5 Sharp negotiation skills honed as a CEO of multiple real estate, wine, and technology companies. - Image
6 The HouseHack Seattle Network: A referral network of vetted handymen, tradespeople, contractors, and service providers that provide high quality work at a great price. - Image

Work With HouseHack Seattle

We’ve helped clients build portfolios of gorgeous Airbnb Cabins, become rental property owners and landlords, and use down-payment assistance programs and House-Hacking to afford a better home than they had dreamed was possible. I’d love to hear a bit more about your investment goals, and chat about how I might be able to help.

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