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From a nomadic renter constantly uprooted by escalating rental costs, to a determined individual who refused to continue paying for someone else’s property, my journey in real estate has been one of transformation and empowerment.

I began educating myself about the homebuyer process, attended all the first time home buyers seminars I could find and through my research I came across the Bigger Pockets platform, which became my religion. I was fascinated by the contrast of thinking and strategies I learned from my first time home buyer seminars versus what real estate investors were doing to get into their first deal and scale their real estate portfolio. I decided to layer my education with my real estate license and get to work on my first house hack deal. My first transaction as a realtor was my first home, I was able to lock up the deal before it hit the market and quickly got to work on making the necessary changes to convert the first level into an accessory dwelling unit, to offset my mortgage. I have been able to replicate this method to grow my real estate investments and help my clients do the same.

As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, I remain committed to empowering my clients with the insights and strategies that can turn their aspirations into realities. Together, we navigate the complexities of property ownership, leveraging strategies to not only secure homes but also to forge pathways toward financial independence.

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We’ve helped clients build portfolios of gorgeous Airbnb Cabins, become rental property owners and landlords, and use down-payment assistance programs and House-Hacking to afford a better home than they had dreamed was possible. I’d love to hear a bit more about your investment goals, and chat about how I might be able to help.

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