Long Term Rentals

Loans for these types of properties are easy to come by.

What to Expect

Long Term Rentals can be a source of true passive income, and interest rates & loan requirements will be similar to a primary residence mortgage if purchasing a single family home or a multi family home with 4 or less units. Although cash-flow is lower than other more creative strategies, the large tenant base in the Puget Sound region makes this investment one of the lower risk opportunities in Real Estate.


Loans for these types of properties are easy to come by, and property management is generally available, and affordable (costing about 7-10% of gross rents). Investment Risk is low.


Cash-flow tends to be a little lower than other strategies, unless you’re utilizing more creative strategies like ADU/s, DADU/s, or Rent-By-The-Room.


5-15% Cash on Cash and(14 Gross Rent Multiplier, “GRM”, or less are achievable with Long Term Rentals. 

Property Types

Properties with multiple units, such as Single Family homes with ADU’s or DADU or Multifamily properties, tend to make the best Long Term Rentals.

Market & Competition

Competition for Long Term Rentals is moderately high, but still lower than competition for single family homes in our market. Appreciation for small Multifamily (2-4 units) tends to follow single family home appreciation, while apartment complexes (5+ units) diverge from the single family trend slightly.
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